Research Publications



  • Metabolic Syndrome in Lean Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – A case control study - IJBST 2(3):37-46 – Dr. Malathi Balamurugan, Assistant Professor
  • A preliminary study of assessment of left ventricular function in morbit obesity – BAPT 2009; 3(1):21-23– Dr. Deepa Lakshmi, Assistant Professor


  • Excretion of unavailable carbohydrates (Page no.110, Bulletin 20, The Royal Society of New Zealand entitled FIBRE IN HUMAN AND ANIMAL NUTRITION)– DR. M.V.KAMATH


  • Kaarthigeyan.K, Ramprakash.M, Kalpana.G. Distichiasis – lymphedema syndrome with optic disc plt. Indian J Ophthalmol.2011 Jan-Feb;59(1):71-2
  • Elayaraja.S, Kaarthigeyan.K, Sridharan.S, Andal.A – Gossypiboma in a child presenting as peri-nephric abscess. India J Pediatr.2010 Apr;77(4):463.

General Surgery

  • ACTH Secreting Pheochromocytoma – a case report – Dr. Pravindass, Asst. Professor[Published in Indian Journal of Urology – January 2010 issue]

Ongoing Projects


  • Blood Supply of Thyroid Gland – Dr. M.A.Elezy, Professor & HOD
  • Searching for the Baby with the vanishing brain-a correlative Anatomical & Radiological Study on Hydranencephaly – Dr. P.K.Ramakrishnan, Assistant Professor


  • QT & Corrected QT parameters in young Indian Women with Menstrual irregularities – Dr. Malathi Balamurugan, Assistant Professor
  • Negative Emotional States of Depression, Anxiety and stress in young Indian women with menstrual irregularities – Dr. Malathi Balamurugan, Assistant Professor


  • Estimation of lipids profile is vegetarian and non vegetarian individuals in the local community. A comparative study.


  • Statisitical study on blood groups and their relative incidents with serological parameters
  • Relative increase of Megaloblastic anaemia in adult males.


  • Prevalence of H.Pylori among chronic gastritis patients – Dr. R.K.Geetha, Professor & HOD ,Ms. Sabitha Baby - Asst. Professor
  • Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Bacterial isolates from wound infection – Dr. M.Shereefa Beevi, Professor, Ms. Ramya Kumaran – Tutor
  • Speciation of Candida isolates and their antifungal susceptibilities�Dr.Rudramurthy.K.G, Asst. Prof.


  • Efficacy and Tolerability of Atorvastatin 10mg/20mg as an adjuvant in the treatment of chronic stable Asthma – Dr. C.V.Chandrasekharan – Associate Professor, Dr.N.Sunil � Asst. Prof.
  • Camparison of HbA1C levels in patients taking Metformin alone with Metformin and Pioglitazone for a period of 1 year. – Dr. Gurudeva.C – Asst.Professor, Dr. Karthikeyan � Tutor


  • Prevalence of Anemia among the adolescent girls in Perumatty Panchayat – Dr. Anandanayagi , Assoc.Prof.
  • Nutritional status of school children (age -5-15years) in Perumatty Panchayat – Dr. Velayutham, Tutor